High-End TV Tax Relief

High-end Television Tax Relief (HTR) is an incentive introduced in April 2013. It’s available for TV programmes in the UK which either qualify as official co-productions or pass the cultural test.  Qualifying companies can claim an HTR tax incentive of up to 25% should their applications be successful.

Tax Relief For The High-End TV Industry

The aim for the scheme is to encourage and support the High-End TV Industry, boosting employment and innovation, and to continue the UK’s proud heritage in producing world-acclaimed creative material. It was added to stimulate more internationally recognized animation and high-class television programming and provides money to reinvest in using technology to create animated films for broadcast. 

You can make, amend, or withdraw a claim for creative industry tax reliefs up to one year after the company’s filing date. 

The Company

How do I Qualify For Tax Relief?

There are certain criteria that need to be met to ensure that a company is eligible to claim Creative Industry Tax Relief, which are:

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Qualification 1


The company is responsible for pre-production, principal photography, post-production, and delivery of the completed programme. 

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Qualification 2


The company is actively engaged in planning and decision making throughout the course of the programme.

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Qualification 3


The company is responsible for directly negotiating contracts, and pays for rights, goods, and services for the programme.

What costs are not involved?

  • Publicity
  • Forms of Financing
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Capital Expenditure
  • Bond
  • Potential payments for book rights
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The Project

How do I Qualify For Tax Relief?

The project itself will need to be certified as British, by passing a cultural test or as an official co-production. There are 10 bi-lateral co-production treaties and some of these treaties will allow television co-production.

In terms of qualifying projects, there is also criteria that makes them eligible, which are:

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Qualification 1


If the programme is made with the intention of scheduling the broadcast.

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Qualification 2


There is a minimum of 10% from the total production costs relating to goods or services used or consumed in the UK.

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Qualification 3


If the programme passes the cultural test.

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Qualification 3


If the programme is a drama, comedy, or documentary.

What Costs Qualify for High-End Tax Relief?

To qualify for Creative Industry Tax Relief, you must have spent money on qualifying costs. It is important to note that you will not be able to claim for costs such as development, distribution, and other non-production related activity.


Principal photography


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Making A Claim

What Documentation Will I Need?

To make a claim, you will need to do this through the Company Tax system which means that the claim must be made in a Company Tax Return or an amendment to a Company Tax Return. This will require the following documents:

You may be eligible to receive up to 25% of your core expenditure for your High-End TV programme as a cashback from the relief programme. 

An example would be that if your programme cost £100,000 to make, HMRC could reward you with a tax relief cheque for £25,000.

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